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Which wacom?


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I'm looking into buying a Wacom and have narrowed down my choices to the Bamboo range. From the 3 new tablets i'm interested in the bamboo connect.
I dont want to spend more than £40. (I'm looking to shop around for the cheapest I can get, once ive chosen my model)

The main thing I wanted to know is whether I should consider any older models, such as the Bamboo Fun? after having done a quick search i'm quite confused as models seem to be named differently in other countries (i'm in the UK).

the wacom bamboo connect is pretty cheap. would it be worth it downgrading a model version to upgrade the size? the small tablet looks pretty small but not having used a tablet before I don't know whether will be enough for my needs.
I do mainly logo design but may use the tablet for other things, such as sketching etc
I used an A5 Bamboo a few years ago. For an entry-level tablet it was pretty good. But having used an A6 Pen Partner for a few years prior I'd say A5 is the smallest useable size for creative work.

I picked up an A5 Intuos 2 off fleabay for about £40 last year which is very sensitive and a joy to use. If you go down the second hand route though just check that spare parts are still available (nibs, rubber grips and tablet transparency sheets) as some older models become obsolete.
I use a Bamboo Pen for all of my work and it does the trick.
Although I am considering geting a Intuos 4 to see what all the fuss is about.

So mine will be on Ebay soon.
with spare nibs!


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Here we go, more spam by the "explaining a word we already understand" guy. Thought he died off ages ago.

Look at sensitivity as well as size. Though you can't go far wrong with any Wacom. It's when you try the non-Wacom cheapo-plonko tablets you might come a cropper. I used to have an A6 but enjoy an A5 Wide these days and it's plenty big enough for me doing illustration work.