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Which version of Photoshop ?


Junior Member
Hi all,

I've just taken a full time job for the first time in a long time.
They've given me a budget to buy a Mac and some software.
I've spec'd up a 27 inch iMac (vanilla flavour with no extras) plus a wacom tablet and the wacom comes with a freebie version of photoshop Elelments.

At home I've been working happily (for years) with the original Photoshop CS and I wonder if I need anything more than the "elements" version of PS that comes free with the Wacom.

I'm going to be turning out tons of web stuff, some stuff for an internal TV chanell (so 720 dots) and twice a yer a 400 page (perfect bound and fairly posh) full colour brochure.

Do I need to add a "full" version of PS to my shopping list or Is "Elements" up to the job of producing 300 dot cmyk tiffs for print ? And if I got it - would I spend two weeks confused and troubled while I learned to use it ?

OK - we all want the latest & greatest (at the employers expence) but I have to eek out this budget carefully (I need a decent camera and some other stuff too) so don't just say "get the latest version if you can". I need to really know what the limitations of "Elements" are. Can it handle semi-pro work or is it just a "mom & pop" product I should stear clear of ?

All and any advice / experience / tips very much appreciated.

Best wishes