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Which One?


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Hi Timmo,

As you say not a huge difference between the two sites, I think I prefer the new one, am I right in thinking that's your logo coming in on the left hand side of the banner of the new one? I think the background of the new one is too dark, perhaps a dark green rather than the black? (I'm not keen on the green fade on the current site background).

Also just a quick thing to mention, on the new site you have 'Forest ICT Services' in text in the same green as the background image, this could be seen as hidden text by users/search engines and may lead to problems. I would set a logo div in the top right and cut your logo image out separate from the main header image.

I don't know nuffing about websites. But the typesetting needs a bit of work. Namely the range left text with the centered quotes, but I'm very picky when it comes to that sort of thing. You've do have the source of those quotes italicised and inside the quote marks though, which really should be addressed.


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Big thing that matters... load up very quick on new one. :D

Old one for some reason took ages.

Jaz will probably look at coding some time, but if not, I'll point a few things out if applicable.


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Here's a few things ~
SEO wise create a .htaccess file and upload it to your main root directory in their write ~
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.forestictservices\.co\.uk [nc]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.forestictservices.co.uk/$1 [R=301,L]

As currently you have 2 versions of your site existing 1 under www. and the other under non www., if both are indexed both will be classed as separate sites and thus you will be penalized for duplicate content whilst halving any equity you get.

I would remove your meta keywords, if any thing it will just get you penalized for spamming and it wont be used anyway, meta description is only used if it has something of value, listing words is not something of value, it can be removed or at least changed to tell people what you do in 260 characters or less, sorry don't use it I'll double check that number in a bit, anything after that is not shown so is a waste of time.

Some weird spacing which you can reduce, this would reduce the file size, increase maintainability as well as other things TBH.

Your contact us and about pages can have the meta noindex added to the head of the page as they do not need to be indexed, this will increase any equity you get more effectively through out the site.

And the services link can be changed to ICT services to help better with your internal link architecture.

The fact that forestICTservices designed forestICTservices.co.uk is TBH amazing, :D

Personally I would get rid of it, doesn't look like you created the site, looks like you got someone else to do it, and saying you offer web design as a service, well.......

If you need me to expand on anything better, let me know yeah, sorry head pounding this morning and Korn is not helping TBH, even though it is surprisingly soothing. :D