Which one of the following colour palettes do you find most modern?


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Hello everyone! I would like your help if you have some spare time:). Could you please tell me which of the color palette below you find most modern? I need to choose a color palette for our website and and I am trying to get some feedback from people who see them for the first time. Please click on the image you like most. Thank you! Best wishes!








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Could you please give me an example of what you consider as a modern palette? It would help me to have as reference when judging my own.

Thank you for joining to answer.


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Actually, I did. I just wanted some feedback. But I will go back to Adobe Colour and try until I get my answer I guess... Anyways, thank you all for your answers. Have a nice day!


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It's impossible to say which is the most modern - bright colours were used in the past and 'retro' colours are used today. Without
seeing them in the right context, it's very difficult to say from a small illustration. I suppose number three, but they are all fairly complementary.


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We are trying to appeal to both children and adults. Adults (teachers and content creators in the educational field contribute) and children use the content. We initially started with the first combination (thinking to have a more serious tone - Constructivism) but then we were thought it might turn off the younger audience so we are trying to find a way to appeal to both. So, we created the other three versions. What I am looking for is to hear some feedback about which one might be more current and appealing visually at first eye contact. But if my approach is difficult or unlikely to lead to any significant result, I might have to find another way to find this out.


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If kids are the final users then make it appeal to them.

I've worked making learning packs for teachers and kids and the teachers expect to see something kid oriented anyway.

I'm finding it a little difficult using the context of the image as it looks a bit foreboding but No.3 for me.