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Which logo to choose...

Here are some logo options I've recently developed for a client setting up as a sustainability consultant.

She was quite specific in wanting a painted-looking tree and is still deciding on what she wants to call her business, but here's the options we've got to so far.

I like the top two on the left most (plain silhouette and light green circle) but let me know if you have any other preferences!



Staff member
numbers would have been nice lol

2nd row right or 3rd row without the circle for me

Not sure about any of the text choices if I'm honest

Paul Murray

Staff member
At the moment, I'd opt for the first option (without the circular background), the other shape looks more like a rose when it's displayed in a single colour so that needs work or scrapping. I honestly don't like any of the type options either, it's very stiff and corporate (which I guess is what the client wants), but worse, it's dull.

Overall I think you need to 'beef up' the mark a little as you lose a lot of the detail when it' reduced (the root system of the tree for example).

I'd also start thinking about additional branding elements at this stage that could feed into what you're doing – all their stationery printed onto recycled paper perhaps? How would this affect the mark if you had to print in a single colour to save energy/resourced?
Great, thanks both - yes she said she wanted the 'standard business' font (specifically mentioning arial and helvetica), but really good points! As a starter I'm still struggling with selecting the most fitting typography in general to be honest, so will clearly have to think a bit more about this :/

Thanks for the advice on the icon itself - hadn't realised the rose effect so useful to know too!

Really appreciate it!
Here's where we're at now - I've slightly thickened the tree roots and the client picked the first tree so these are the final options she wanted to pick from (and EVEN added numbers this time like a right clever clogs ;) )

I'm with you Levi, I like the other tree in the green, but alas, not for the client!

She still wants to keep the Arial font, so I haven't had a play with that. Dull as it is :/

Will be interesting to see what she picks in the end, but just wanted to let you know how it's panning out (just in case you were holding your breath...).



Staff member
Well as the client went for it then the circle option is obviously the way to go.... so out of those number 3 seems the strongest overall but with a slight tweak to the way the text is done. I still like 2 though :)

I'd try a quick tweak too, circle on left text on right in two lines top line is J.... consultancy and then the strap line underneath. I just think that would work better when you get to doing things like letter heads etc. I'd do a knock up for you but I'm in the middle of rebuilding a pc so don't have all the my progs installed lol


Staff member
yeah although maybe shift the text upwards so it's more centralised vertically, it seems to be more in the lower half at the moment.
Don't forget to test your logo super small and on a black background to see if its still recognisable. However, I really like the first, top left one. Very clean and professional looking.
She's opted for no.2 after I gave some of your feedback so thanks all! Played about with sizes and a white version for one-colour option on images or black / other colours. On to the next!