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Which language to learn next?


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I have learnt HTML5 and CSS3 and I now want to take things further to higher my chances of getting a job.

What would you say is essential to learn out if the below and in your opinion which order would you do them in?
XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Jquery or other? What is best to for what function?

Or would you say learn responsive web development next before any of the above? After than then which?


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It depends on which route you want to take? do you want be a front end or back end developer. By the looks of things you're more towards the front end stuff, so I would dive into JavaScript and jQuery.
As previously mentioned it depends which area you are interested in front end or backend. I would look at PHP and MySQL. As this allows you to look at a website more dynamically. Have you looked into Frameworks or CMS's ( Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) or are you interested in just languages?
you should learn php and then jquery, ajax,XML,prototype etc. it will make your concepts clear about web technologies. believe me it helps like it did to me. good day


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As someone has already noted, PHP will come in handy in a number of circumstances. Regarding responsive design, if you already know CSS then learning how to apply it for fluidity and screen width won’t take long at all.


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PHP and MySQL are a must if you want to get into web design. Building static HTML pages is so 1999. If you are serious about getting work as a web design, you have to learn the server-side scripting languages like PHP, and to a lesser extent ASP.


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Take XHTML out of that list anyway. If you want to specialise in front end development then I'd suggest the following:
  • Responsive design
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • Frameworks like angular.js spring to mind
To make yourself even more employable then a back end language like PHP would be nice with Symfony or Laravelle. Alternatively you could go down the .NET route but you'd really need a C# programming background for that and a leaning towards Microsoft development technologies (lot of money in it though..)

Maybe think about becoming an app developer as that's a pretty attractive growth market .
I think you should continue with CSS. first you should learn about responsive website design it will take time. then you should go for java Script Jquery and PHP.
Learn Javascript and Jquery first, as it will give you an insight into actual programming concepts and logic. Then move onto a server side language such as PHP.

PHP will be harder to learn if you have not programming skills, only CSS and HTML, especially when you need a server environment to learn pPHP. Javascript you can learn client side and its simple once you get used to functions, objects and variables etc. Its fun too.
oh yeh and dont bother learning responsive design CSS with fluid grids etc, just use a framewerk like bootstrap which takes care of it for you. That way you will only have to learn bootstrap itself.

Employers would rather see "Bootstrap" on your CV rather than just responsive design. That way you show you know what your talking about and you keep up with the latest trends and development frameworks.