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Which Domain Name


Senior Member
one without the hyphen, i wouldn't advertise it either as i could go and buy both of those right now, then sell it back to you if your client really wanted it.

Don't add things to a url to make it harder to remember or type, simple urls work better. So go for the animalrehome.co.uk one


always get the one without the hyphen.. its irritating having a hyphen in any domain name... IMHO


Active Member
Edited your post, but still best to buy ASAP as people will buy them and try and sell back when they've seen them in public forums.

Hyphens should only be used in domains when the first word ends with the same letter that the second word starts with in theory, so timmossite, would be timmos-site, helps the reader distinguish the two words. In this case go for non-hyphen 100% :)