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Which domain for personal portfolio?

Hi guys

In the process of designing my portfolio website but I'm stuck on a domain choice.

The portfolio will have quite varied work as I'm doing "Creative Digital Media" at univeristy so I touch on web/print/multimedia/video/photography - basically all digital media.

Seeing as its a personal portfolio I want to include my name but "myname.com" is taken. :( I have two options really:

  1. www.benmdavies.com (almost bendavies.com but with "M" in the middle for my middle name)
  2. www.bendaviesmedia.com
I'm concerned that my surname is a bit odd and not the easiest to spell which can be mixed up with "davis" but I'd like to use my name to keep it personal.

Thanks for any suggestions!


From an SEO and clarity point of view, I'd definitely go with the second option. benmdavies is just too odd looking and I reckon if you told people the URL they would probably forget the m.


Junior Member
I agree, second one is the better one of the two.I could actually remember that instead of faffing about to type the first one right!