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Which design/coding packages do you use?


I've been working as a freelance graphic designer for a while now, but i'm just recently moving more into the web side of things.
I just wondered which software everyone uses when designing and building sites?
I've only designed very basic 4 - 5 page info sites. So far i've just been designing and slicing up in Photoshop, then moving over to Dreamweaver, then finally uploading the site manually :icon_confused:
Does anyone have any tips or use more relevant software?

Thank you :icon_smile:


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Learn to hand code. It is the only way to be sure of a good quality website. There isn't a WYSIWYG out there that is any good.
I like coding in Dreamweaver, but only using the code screen. This is after laying it out initially in Photshop to take out any elements I might want to use and to get measurements and so on.

Would like to learn Wordpress at some point but just never seem to get round to it.
What about SiteGrinder? I went for an interview at a company a few days ago who only used this software. Personally, i've never heard of it. Does anyone rate it?