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Which courses are best for starting Graphic Design career? Help.....

Discussion in 'Universities & Training Forum:' started by Holly Pearce, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Holly Pearce

    Holly Pearce New Member


    I'm a total newbie so be please be gentle with me!

    I've been wanting to start a career in Graphic Design for a while but have no idea which courses are the best to take.

    I already have a degree (and student debt) in another area so would like to avoid doing a degree if possible. Can anyone advise which qualifications are expected for entry level jobs into the industry and any recommendations for the best course providers?

    I've been studying at home using Lynda and Udemy but feel I'd like to get some more hands on experience to build my confidence. I don't mind studying from home or visiting a centre just would like a tutor to discuss things with etc.

    I have been tempted by the course run by Shillington. It's a bit pricey, looks really appealing but I'm concerned it only provides me with a portfolio and not a formal qualification. Does anyone have experience of doing this course or employing someone who has and if so what are your thoughts?

    Thank you in advance, I'm excited to see what your thoughts are........
  2. Simon Rayson

    Simon Rayson Member

    Hi Holly, welcome

    what background/degree do you currently have? you could look at is there a sideways way into the design industry.
  3. Holly Pearce

    Holly Pearce New Member

    Hi thanks for your reply.

    I have a BA Hons in History and Drama. I assumed that it would be redundant in a Graphic Design course but I'm willing to explore any possibilities
  4. Pete Berrisford

    Pete Berrisford New Member

    Hi Holly

    Why don't you try looking at what local graphic design studios there are in your area and just walk in and show your enthusiasm, you might just get a chance at some kind of work placement. There is no substitute in my mind to learning firsthand from the creative team in an actual working studio environment.
  5. Simon Rayson

    Simon Rayson Member

    Hi Holly, the creativity needed in drama can be a transferable skill and also good research skills from history, letting the past inform the future can be of benefit depending on the type of graphic design work you undertake.
  6. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    A strong portfolio will always outclass a good design degree so if your work is good a studio will want you. The most important thing I gained from my design degree was contacts and routes into the industry so that's what I'd focus on getting. Look out for local meet ups, portfolio events, design shows/exhibitions. Don't be afraid to email studios you like asking for 20 minutes of their time to look over your portfolio and offer some critique.

    Whether or not something like Shillington is right for you is hard to say. With it being an intense course I've always assumed it's better suited to students who already have a good eye for design or have experience in different creative industries, but this could be true all design courses really. The thing to remember about doing a design course is that it won't turn you into a professional designer with years of experience over night, and that's fine because nobody who's looking to hire a freshly graduated junior designer is expecting that. Most studios will be looking for someone who has an eye for design and creativity, can use the required software at a competent level, and most importantly will fit into their team dynamic.

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