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Which blog software to use?

I've decided to start up my own blog relating to my work etc and would like to know how you other bloggers went about setting it up. Did you use a site that has one built for you and link your site and the blog together or did you build the blog yourself within your site?


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I started my own blog just to share bits and bobs to save me updating my portfolio site so much which is more of a pain.
I just got a Wordpress blog and linked to it from my site.
There are tons of different themes out there but I just used the standard Kubrik and slapped my own header on it.


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I just moved from a static site to a site run entirely on wordpress. Means the whole thing is CMSd, ut runs on wordpress for the blog and static pages.


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It's got to be cms really. Wordpress is very popular. I used to use Blogger and switched to Tumblr recently which is much better plus you can mirror it from you main site.
thanks guys, just installed wordpress but I'm liking the look of how blogger works. I'll give this a trial run for a bit and see how it goes, at the moment I'm going with it really as it seems like it's got the most development behind it but we shall see.
Thankyou for posting this 'BensJonesDesign' youv'e saved me a job!

I am looking to set up my own blog to feature my portfolio work later this year and now my questions have been answered! :)

Good luck with your blog


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Wordpress has already been mentioned in this thread, but felt I should mention it again, once you're comfortbale with HTML/CSS and a touch of PHP there's a lot that can be done with it. My personal blog/portfolio (a little out-dated) runs on WP.
Id say wordpress but i do think alot of what wordpress has is not needed so makes the site heavier than it should be. But its the biggest blogging system in the world so what do i know lol!
Wordpress is very good, flexiable and a huge range of plugins. There are many programs you can use to build a site like Aristeer etc and modding it is pretty straightforward. Example site made with aristeer Carter Brooke old design I did a while ago:)
When i started my first blog on my immigration to sydney i looked at wordpress and blogger. i went with blogger as it was really really simple. Wordpress had a steep learning curve. Blogger is alos fully optimized for search engines as its made by google etc. Everything is very seo friendly. I think you can add domains from your site to it too.
I have tried Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal and Wordpress over a few years. I have just relaunched and actually wrote an article about why I chose Wordpress and what I did with it - may be of some use?