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Where do I post a HELP ME post??

Hello I am new here SO BIG HELLOS!!!!! and moving forward before I get into my problem just wanted to know if I was in the right place....thanks and PEACE!!!


Staff member
without knowing the issue the question of whether this is the right place is hard to answer.... but as a general answer, look at the section headers and post in the relevant one. This section would be for Graphic Design related issues.
well without making a new post.. hopefully someone waltz in here and takes a read... and decides to help... but basically..
I have decided to reignite my passion for creation..and it has actually been going pretty well. But I also recently have been inspired to recreate a style of art i totally adore... its like a silhouette but with the positive detail....

Here is a link to an example..


The actual figures or people is what I actually want to recreate with my own twist of course but I have no idea where to start.. I have made attempts only to end up with adobe trace image look alikes... nothing with as much detail and clarity.

So I am asking does anyone anywhere know how I can get going in the right direction... Any tutorials...vids or articles on this type of work....
Any assistance is greatly appreciated and will be honored with the utmost esteem...!!!! PEACE and thanks!!!


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I don't think you'll find any specific tutorials for that kind of thing as they are so individual and made up of so many separate images.
I would imagine he scans in a lot of hand-drawn images together with sourced stuff and puts it all together and colours in Photoshop,
with lots of layers/textures etc.
Try somewhere like Computer Arts for tutorials, but start simple and build up the detail.

Tony Hardy

I wouldn't worry about where you post it. Just try and aim for the right category, if it's wrong, we'll shift it! :)
Agree wtih Tony after perceive just shift your topics, welcome here. But that's may not possible to find out any specific helpful tutorial.