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Where can I find a (free) vector illustration of a wheatsheaf?


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Pretty obscure request, I know. I'm looking for something along the lines of this:

3D Model | Wheat Sheaf (Vector Art 3D, Inc. - Dimensional Clip Art for CNC Routing and Engraving)

I'll be using it on something that resembles a beer label. Either an entire wheat sheaf or a single pieces of wheat would be acceptable. I don't have the time to mock one up myself from stock photos unfortunately although ideally that's what I need to do. I just need a quick vector version.



I don't know if Neil mentioned anything about price / free-ness? :)

*edit ignore me.. i just read the title with the free in brackets LOL


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jHouse said:
NOT free Berry, tho is it! Come on!
Well I think $4 is as close as free as you can get in this business!

If it's free then its generally crap and a reason for being free, cos no bugger wants it!;)