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When do you say no to a client?

I have constructed this questionnaire which gives a range of scenarios in which you as a designer have to decide to accept the job or not.

Good design Survey

Would really help if as many people as possible could fill this out!

I think the results could be really interesting, I will post them up when I get more responses.


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Cool, this is when it would be great to have the Design Forums blog up & running, would make a very interesting blog post I think.
You missed this one.

'Some bloke' (with a start-up business that's going to make £billions) emails you and asks you to produce a range of logo concepts. For free. He will look at these to "see how good you are" and will pay you (his maximum budget of £40) only if he likes them.

Do you:

a. Accept the job.

b. Tell him that he can find cheaper whores at his parents' house.