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What's YOUR future of Design??


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If you had 'all the power and skill' What would you see or invent that would create the new future of design - web/print/moving. Fast forward 10 years....What will be out there? I remember when people started talking about the "Information Highway or World Wide Web as it was later called. What is the future? lets be creative and throw some curveballs out there.

Will 'designing on computers be replaced by 'visual designing" by mind power?
Will Apple make I-vision? -Visor vision with a retina 'mind mouse'?

Will TVs exist?

Will paper exist or will it be Halogenic imagery - like Bladerunner or Star Wars ( 1977?)

Off we go.......... throw that ball! Don't be afraid, out of nonsense comes reality - Men will fly the globe by travelling in jet propelled cans!


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I want something that will turn all my eye-captures, as I call them, into actual visual pictures.

I've seen so many things I wish I could share with everyone else.

Most of these were really cool things that I had accomplished when people had walked away, after getting bored watching me do the same thing over and over again, but failing miserably each time.

And I hope there isn't TVs. Or at least I hope there's some kind of mental ban from watching too much. I know people throwing their lives away staring at a screen. I mean, who would do that?


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I wonder if people will discover the old fashioned way / retro way - of creating things with paper and pen/pencil.

Imaging a design company that specialised in the 'Old Way" by hand. Handmade Designs. just like handmade furniture, shoes, suits etc. It's a dissapearing world...Could be a nice market for the old skills? ( if some oldies are still alive!)


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yeah, i do agree with that. i don't think it'll ever disappear, just more easy ways will come about and more and more people will convert to that way instead.

when photoshop fails me for design ideas, it's always my scrapbook that comes in handy.
Cool topic idea.

I could see 10 years from now we would still have TV's but the standard would be 3D television. They just recently developed the first 3D TV but it is like $15,000 USD so that definitely isn't probable yet but I could see 5-10 years that being as low as the prices of HDTV's now.

Maybe our design, instead of us putting drop shadows and bevels to make the "appearance" of three dimensions on websites and graphics, we'll actually have three dimensions...such as flipping through pages in a 3D space, probably in the same layout as the new touchscreen techs coming out where you can move pages around with your fingers.

Then when we have those great pranks that shows a nice serene countryside with a car driving by....happy music in the background then suddenly BAM a crazy demented demon woman pops up on the screen...it'll be all in 3D :) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Imagine the possibilities at work :)
The physicists at CERN will find concrete proof of the Higgs Boson later this year. This, in turn, will prove the existence of extra spatial dimensions by providing an all-encompassing theory that combines quantum physics with the standard model.

So, you can keep your 3D, I'll be designing in 6 spatial dimensions alongside that of time.

On a slightly more serious note, It'd be interesting to see what will become of The Grid. For anyone who doesn't know about this, it's a new type of network also designed and developed at CERN, (like the internet was) which links up and uses the spare processing power of any and every computer connected (in its down-time), just like a global render-farm. Because no single super-computer could ever be powerful enough to process all the information captured at the LHC. Like the internet, it has started life as a research aid/tool for the scientists working at CERN and look at what the internet has become!


More engineering than graphic design, but it'll no doubt have it's knock-on effects to many aspects of society, just like the internet has.


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My expectations for 2019:

I'll let you guys know if I come up with anything else ;)
Matt, I have read about that Grid thing...a buddy of mine is always reading about new internet related technology and he told me about it one day...sounds really interesting and really plausible.

I'm excited for the future :)