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What's your FAVOURITE and LEAST FAVOURITE logo in the world?


Well-Known Member
One of my favourites is the monochrome version of the PlayStation product family logo. Especially relevant when the 3rd dimension was relatively new in games.

My least favourite?
Probably the Olympics London 2012 logo.


Staff member
I'm going to be a smart ass :)
Best - mine
Worst - mine
As a designer, you're never happy with the work you do for yourself :)

Tony Hardy

Hahaha, you really aren't ever happy with your own work as a designer. I'm rebuilding my site. Again.

I don't have favourites. It depends on the circumstances for each of them. Where they're displayed, what they're for. I like Nike, I like FedEx. Both classic. But I also like Batman. It depends, context is the important thing.