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What's the one feature that your favourite design application doesn't have?


Senior Member
Even though we all use CS3 (Or 4 if you're completely up to date!), there's always room for improvement and I'm sure that there's a range of things that could be added to suit everybody's needs. I'm wondering what feature you'd like to see added to your favourite application.

For me, it'd have to be the small inconsistencies with the suite. For example, why can I double click on the application background in Photoshop to open up the File window, but not in Illustrator?

I'd love guides to be pixel-perfect in Photoshop instead of being able to place a guide anywhere. In other words, I want the guides to snap to pixels like artwork does instead of being inbetween 35px and 36px. It'd help improve precision.

How about you? What would you like to changed or added in an application?


Senior Member
Photoshop 7 used to have a feature where you control+click a layer and it selects everything on the layer, very useful for the way I often do shadows or paste into selections...

CS2/3 and I assume 4 have all lost this feature and I have to do a long winded routine to accomplish the same :(


I'd love to see some of the vector power of Illustrator in Photoshop.

I know Photoshop already has some vector tools but overall they're not really that good.