What's going on with my Media settings?


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I'm using Acrobat 9 pro for Mac (snow leopard) and experiencing a few issues.

When I select the print settings dialog, I am presented with the following (attatched). I am un able to print to Epson gloss, semi-gloss or lustre papers, only Matte is listed. In colour handling, I have all the ICC profiles for each paper type, so I can use colorsync for a better result... The problem is there are hardly any papers listed and I have no idea how to 'get them there'.

I've posted this in the Illustrator forum too as I was asking if Ai and Acrobat have the same color management capabilities...a member on that thread has a similar setup to me and he is able to few a much wider range of papers.

Thank You

(I have an Epson R2880)



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This is really strange. I've checked the manual and contacted a few people but I can't seem to get it working!

Any ideas?

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Looks like a driver issue to me. Only advice I could give (and to be fair it has worked for me) is to install the latest driver from the Epson website, then remove and re-add the printer in System Preferences and making sure its now using the Epson driver.


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Yep, I've done that. Deleted the driver, repaired disk permissions and used only the old print driver ( not updated it from apple) but then I can't print anything, Epson didn't help me. I've not formatted the HD and it's still not right...

I will try and find a direct email to adobe support as I'm already on their forum.

Thank you


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Epson told me to uninstall the driver and repair permissions etc. then how to 'move' the ICC profiles. This did not fix the issues though.


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With around 2 more hours on Epson Chat I've done it!

I was told to firstly install the Epson Print module, then Epson creativity suite to see what profiles they show... they show the same as before.

Then I was asked to install the printer on a PC and see what papers where shown, sure enough all of Epson's paper's were shown.

I logged onto Epson again and explained what happened to somebody else. They instructed me to delete the printer. Next to add the printer.Next open print utility, click on the Photo (or Matte, which ever is installed) ink cartridge and click 'update'. Then I went to Acrobat ID and Ps to see what options I had.

Having the Photo black installed I saw ALL the glossy and lustre options. Installing the Matte ink I had all the Matt/arhival papers

So, I only needed to delete the printer, add it again then update the ink via printer utility! All the epson creativity stuff has now been removed.

It was very simple, the reps. however didn't know what to do... it took over a week and around 8 Epson Reps to finally get the issues sorted.

I can finally print to my new Lyson Pro Photo Satin paper :D

What is strange however is that inside Illustrator, I cannot chose paper type... Not too bothered as I export as PDF anyway.