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What's a TCP ?


Junior Member
I've just been asked by a good new client if I've had any experience designing TCPs as they need one doing in the next few weeks.

I would love to say yes but I've no idea what a TCP is.

Here is the email:

I was wondering if you have experience creating TCPs?

If so could you quote me how much the design of a single TCP would be please? We have a campaign coming up and we'd need the TCP to be finished in the next few weeks.


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Transmission Control Protocol does seem to be the only explanation... Not sure how you'd go about designing it though. He might think it's a widely used abbreviation, but in reality it's likely something only used inside that company.


Staff member
TCP could also be a telecine projector, it works with old fashioned 8mm film on them spools....

Not sure that really works with web design though lol

I'd say transmission control protocol would be the likely conversion but that's just an underlying technology rather than a 'program'.

edit: on another forum robcub actually replied saying it was a Tube Car Panel, ie those adverts in the carriages....


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Sunburn said:
Why you asking us, and not the client?
Love it, exactly what I was thinking. :D

End of the day what work have you done for them before?
How technically knowledgeable are they?
For example NOS can mean Nitrous Oxide Systems or National Osteoporosis Society, the meaning of an abbreviation depends on how you look at the term and it's relevance to you, or in the this case both you and the client.
Have you done work for them outside of web development?
Have you bigged yourself up too much?
What industry are they in?

It really depends on the client, the clients needs and what they are looking for.
Ask them to be specific because if you get all geared up to create a TCP get freelancers lined up etc... and they turned around and go we want a website in:

Talon Cypto Person CMS you have just wasted a lot of time.

Please note: I'm not affiliated with the Talon Cypto Person CMS project, endorse it, or even know if it exisits. :)