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What would you opt for/charge to do this?


Senior Member
Okay so I just spoke to somebody who needs a website done for their company. I am actually awful at estimating how much work things will need etc, so I wondered, what any of you experienced people would charge to do this below (taken from a quick conversation on the phone, sorry its brief). I was thinking some feedback on what you'd opt to do (few options listed below) and idea of, given choice, how much you'd ask for, would really help so I can cut the price in half because I'm learning and quote them :)


- Home
- Info
-- Rates
-- Terms and Conditions
-- Gallery
-- Contact
-- Links

Site feautres:
- Contact info present on every page (telephone number/email and/or link to contact page)
- Minimalistic, lots of use of whitespace, very visual, impacting but not garish
- Validating, ajax/php contact form needed for the contact page (if using wordpress: plugin)
- Large space for Flash animation needed for index page
- Blog feature (from wordpress.com I'd say, the look will need to match the website and look like a website page)
- Ajax gallery feature (if using wordpress: plugin)

CMS features:
- Ability to edit text, and drop images into text
- Ability to edit gallery
- Ability to add/edit/delete/categorise blog posts (provided by Wordpress or whichever the chosen blog system is)

Other Requirements:
- renderability across all browsers
- Social media profile setup: Facebook, twitter, Linkedin
- Syndication to social media sites: Facebook, twitter, Linkedin (thru ping.fm)

So basically I was thinking of maybe getting an idea of pricing on a few diff options for this site and what you think the most cost efficient/suitable might be:

1. Static website, with wordpress hosted blog integrated as a webpage, the rest as a custom built CMS (no need for a price on the CMS)

2. Wordpress theme, made to look like a static site rather than a blog, with focus on pages rather than posts, and a static homepage with a link to "blog" eg ziggiville ziggiville Indie Rock Bands Blog – Welcome To ziggiville (this is a wordpress blog). Certain things might be quicker like the gallery, and contact form plugins that are available, and of course basic editing abilities for the client is covered too by Wordpress.

I would say maybe customisation of an existing theme eg: Press75.com|Exceptional WordPress Themes (Urban Elements theme) -- I'm not sure whether this would take the same amount of time/cost as one from scratch, the customisations would be:

1. remove any blog post related content from the sidebar other than "recent posts"
2. have a sticky homepage.
3. add a link to "Blog" in the navigation, and have the visitor only see blog posts here.
4. Visual design tweaks, no layout changes

And given that choice, what you'd ask really. Thanks :)