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What to charge for something I've already done?


I got an email today from someone who had seen an identity I have already created and put on my online portfolio. It was only a mock-up idea for an imaginary business, as I'm just starting out, so I'm happy to sell it him. But I'm wondering what I can charge, seeing as there isn't much work left to be done? He wants the logo putting onto busniess cards, flyers etc, but the hard work is already done.

I also have a somewhat moral dilemma, in that the logo is in the style of a tutorial I followed. I've adapted it for my own use, but the style is still very recognisable. I've read the terms and conditions on the tutorial website and they say I can use the effects and techniques anywhere I like, just not the actual tutorial text and images. So if I'm correct, I'm within my rights, but it just feels a bit... wrong. What do you guys think?



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Hi Helen,

If you have already created a logo and someone wants to buy it you shouldn't charge them less just because the work is already done. They are still asking for sole use of something you have spent time on. (a carpenter wouldn't build a chest of drawers and then sell it cheap because he has already done the work rather than being commisioned).

The tutorial thing is another issue (possibly). If you want to post a link to the work you've done and the tutorial I'll give you my opinion. (depends how much you've made it your own really)


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I would suggest a possible rework of the identity - Tell him an identity is just that and should be relative to the business (at least if he turns you down you tried) but otherwise charge the same as you would for an other identity design project, After all - you've put the same amount of time in as any other just spread out more.

ps - your site doesn't work.


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Your site wasn't working for me either yesterday. I got a page full of GoDaddy advertisements, but it's working now.


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All work has a value. Even if the work is already done - you're selling him the product now. And that has to have a value.

Im not too sure about the tutorial business. I'd rework it 1) to cover yourself and 2) to really make the identity specific to this geezer.