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What the...?!

I've had a freelancer cover me for a week. We agreed a rate of £20 per hour based upon work done - ie time spent goes on the job sheet, that's what's chargeable. In all roughly three full days work happened in that time - I've received an invoice for a full 5 days at the hourly rate. Closer inspection of the original order sent states 'daily rate of £20 per hour'. I don't see that as every day at the full amount - do you? Surely, you either charge by the hour or by the day.

If I'm asked how long a job is going to take in its single entitity, I'd say eg 3 hours, state my HOURLY rate, go away and spend 3 hours on it, charge for 3 hours work and I'm ready for the next job.

If I'm asked how much it will cost for a full day's residence, I'll state my DAILY rate, be there for the day doing whatever may be required to be done and at the end of the day, charge for the whole day and I'm ready for the next job.

Does anyone on here really charge a DAILY rate by the HOUR? Does anyone expect to do 10 minutes' work at the start of the day and 10 minutes' work at the end of the day and expect to be paid for 8 hours? Would ANY employer even CONSIDER taking on a freelancer on a daily rate basis in the full knowledge that there is probably not to going to be a full days work every day during the course of a whole week? :confused: