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What next...?

For years I've been thinking of a way of trying to up the old income and about a year ago decided to capitalise on something I've been doing as a hobby in-between jobs. In some of my spare time I've been retouching pictures of cars (in my own style) and have spent the last few months putting a website together in the hope that I can turn it into some sort of business proposition.

I've pretty much got the design side licked but I REALLY don't know how to progress this further in terms of how to monetise it - be able to process orders, accept payment etc

So I'd REALLY appreciate some advice as to how to go about it as this is all out of my territory.

The business is not up and running; it is currently parked on my personal webspace and is public purely for the purposes of 'what do you think?' so I can gauge as to whether its a viable thing to do.

Anyway, the site is SmartcarZ - modified motors in motion.

You'll see that there are a fair few variables - the type of car, its colour, personal plate etc, so no doubt it's a complicated system that I'm going to be needing (how's that for forward planning!!! :mad:)

Thank you for your time (whoever you are :p)

You looked into the legality of using brands without their permissions?

Not too sure if its allowed to be honest mate.

Anyhow - making money out of this? Hmmmm you tried offering your services to other car websites and magazines like MaxPower etc?