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What makes a good website?

Hi people

I've recently created a website (Sadiqa Jabbar / Sadiqa Jabbar) and am wondering what makes one good, interesting and attracts people back. As many of you are likely to be web designers, I was wondering if you could suggest ways to improve it?

It's still relatively incomplete (i.e. got more images to add/organise etc). Any suggestions?

Help much appreciated!




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Good content is normally what takes me back to a website...

Good content laid out better makes me want to go back to the website :)
Been apprehensive of exhibiting my work purely because of the quality of work produced by many talented people out there! # - /

Thanks for advice!!
This is most important. Think of sites that are popular, such as amazon.com or Yahoo or inspiration. They give you a reason to return. They have interesting content. When you go to Amazon, you can easily find what you are looking for, see the reviews and critics and customers, or even check the book itself. In addition, we recommend other books in the same areas of interest.


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Yes I think content is important, it will keep people coming back but it will also make it easier to promote with things like news, blogs and ‘press releases’. I think you have the right idea having the drop down menus in flash, that will avoid hidden text penalties in Google, also a non-flash body makes the site easier to update and allows smaller search engines to index you.
It all starts with objectives. From this comes a strategy; key to a good website. You've probably heard the old saying that an hour of planning is worth 10 of doing.This holds true for web design. Without a solid, in-depth understanding of what you're trying to accomplish and how best it needs to happen, you'll spin your wheels. You will eventually create a plan for your website; it's simply a question of whether you do it up front, efficiently and in one chunk, or if you do it piecemeal throughout your project, putting out fires as you go.

The rest of the 'invisible' includes:

Technology Choices


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The definition of what makes a good website depends partly on its purpose. A personal page, a company's website, and a school site all need to meet very different characteristics to be considered of quality. There is, however, some basic agreement on what constitutes a good website.
1. Credible, valuable information:No matter what the purpose of the site is, the information contained in it should be useful to the visitors. If the material is outdated, poorly edited, or incomplete, readers will feel cheated and will most likely look for an alternative source of information next time they are reading about the topic.

2. Accessibility and Usability. It does not matter how useful the information on a website is if the readers have trouble locating it. Disorganized pages, too many links, articles that go nowhere, and many other details can complicate the use of a website and turn the reader off.

3. Design. Simplicity is key in a good website. Lots of graphics can frustrate a reader with a slow internet connection. Music, animation, and color can be powerful tools if used appropriately, but they can also be a sign of an amateur website. Moving cursors and cute cartoon characters are out of place on a business page, for example.

4. Domain name. A good website is usually one that people can remember off the top of their head. A complicated domain name or one that is clearly hosted on a free server does not convey the image of professionalism.

5. Purpose. Whatever the purpose of a site is, a good website meets it. If an owner knows what he wants his or her website to achieve, half of the purpose is already met. Unfortunately, many websites are too broad and lack a specific focus. This can confuse readers and often leads to a disorganized look that does not inspire confidence.


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It is very shot. You may check other website design that are related to your subject. Then I think you will get some good ideas about your site.


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Well thats got to be the quickest way to get a 1000 different responses. :)

For me its 1) Useability, 2) Accessability regardless with SEO a close 3rd place, content coming in last in 4th.

Take a site with loads of great amazing content if its structured poorly and cant be accessed by ppl, or found by the search engines then it's pointless as ppl wont read it even if it is great. Think here a massive 10k word article not split by headers, tight line-height, bad font etc.. etc... you just wont read it as the site is hard to read, or even know about it if the search engines can't index it.

Now a site with little content can get far, far more visitors and have a higher retention rate/lower bounce rate if ppl can find the information and use the site easier and the site has great positions in the search engines.

Content is great yeah, so's a powerful car engine (Content) but just like a car a great engine on it's own it crap without the rest. Wheels that gets it places (SEO), car body that looks good (Web design), great interior and well placed buttons and easy to use onboard computer (Accessbility), otherwise its just a great engine/site content that wont go any where or do you any good. :)
SEO better than content Jazajay? Whaaaaat? Sticking with the car analogy, content should be compared to the seats. There is no point in having a website with poor content, just like there is no point in having a car with half a seat.


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ralph, there's kind of two sides to seo remember, you have the html level seo and then you have the content seo which would also be aiding number 4 on his list.

You've also got to remember Jaz isn't saying content isn't important but he's thinking in a different way - websites with good rank in search engines :)


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Exactly Levi sorry my fault should have said Onpage SEO, then content because without any SEO it doesn't matter how good your content is as it wont be read because it can't be found by anyone. :)

But no the content is what drives the website or gives it its power, if you prefer, so thats the engine. Seats are a luxoury item thus are included in the useability, IE: how well it feels when you drive it you could still drive a car/use it without seats it just wouldn't be a great experiance. :)

Duncan Y.

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Say, i thought the site owner should nail down what kind of audience he would like to attract first and then he could from there figure out the content and decide on the functionality?
Hey guys!

Thanks for the feedback! Just found the original thread...knew I'd put one out the last time! I've updated my site, what do you think now? I put a new thread out about it recently, just wondering what you think?