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What makes a good LoGo ?

I'm currently thinking of a designing a logo I just don't know what styles/types there are and what the different aspects of a good logo are . Please help . Thank you
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Are some ok starting points. But judging by your earlier posts, you might want to look into learning the foundations of design before throwing yourself into it full pelt and creating logos, studios, etc. (Although creating anything is a good thing, it's all practice).

These are some good links (don't be put off by the banter or post titles), they contain some good information if you're willing to sift through them.


(edit: p.s. why not come and introduce yourself properly? :) http://www.designforums.co.uk/introductions/)
Yeaa I agree with you becky but instead of going off into something Im not quite ready for ( logos ) can you suggest to me something simple that I can start off doing to then improve as I go along . Thanks
When I was working on the project I started off doing a million little sketches on a A3 page then picked 5 I wanted to develop. Worked on each on another A3 page. After doing that I took the one the that I though worked best as a logo and developed it in illustrator. After creating the shape of the logo there I able to experiment with colours.

Keeping it simple seemed to work best.
As above, write words, sketches anything to do with what you're creating, literally anything that comes into your head. I keep a sketch book on my all the time and doodle in it whenever I have the chance of get an idea. I wasn't meaning you shouldn't carry on, as any work is good practice.

Create some 'fake; projects, look up some creative practice briefs online (Berry posted a decent one on here for the fish Box). Just play around and have fun with it, rather than focusing on being too serious.

But learning some basic principles will really help.