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What is the first priority of a graphic designer?


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LOL! I do actually. :D
It's my office since I got booted out of my old one when the kids got their own rooms.
It's where I am right now.


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The client....

Why? You can tell by the type of client whether they would be willing to pay a professional rate, or whether they are looking for something on the cheap. This in turn will give you an inclination whether to even look at the brief.


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being born....

If we weren't born we wouldn't have studied design or even become designers in the first place.
We wouldn't be able to judge the client as we wouldn't exist.


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Back OT, I'd agree with the above it you're still at the learning stage.
Learning design theory as well as the practical skills such as software but one thing I'd suggest is not to forget about paper and pencil.
This is where it all starts.

Many designers forget this.