what is the best software to work with for designing a product catalogue of 2000 items- Adobe Indesign is not the best with data handling


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Im designing a catalogue with 2000 products and around 100 pages. I need a software to integrate that would enable me to handle all that content and data. Im a freelancer so can't afford MATRIX!!


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thats amazing info thank you!! does it handle an excel spreadsheet? My client has 2000 products with price and info for each which i really don't want to be going back and forth with him for.
whats the difference between the lite and reg/


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You multiply the number of images by the time needed to edit each image/page by your hourly rate then add a bit on for contingencies.


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also. how do you quote for a project like this? i dont know how to quote!
I don't know how others quote. But this is how I do it.

Decide if it's 5 minutes a page - 10 minutes per page - 15 minutes per page - 30 minutes per page.
For a catalog I would put it at the 30 minutes per page - as it's complex.
30 minutes X number of pages (in your case 100) - so it's 50 hours.

50 hours X your hourly rate = price for the LAYOUT

You have other factors
Image corrections - which I charge at a flat rate (you can iron that out with the client).
Infographics - flat rate
Diagrams/Charts - flat rate
Tables - flat rate
Ad creation - flat rate

I know my LAYOUT charge is 50 hours X hourly rate.

I count all the images (2000 in this case - how many need clipping paths/clean up?) say it's 5 minutes per image -
166 hours X hourly rate

How many infographics, diagrams/charts/tables/ads to be created X flat rate.

Gives you your total.