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What is Google Crawl??

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by Janifar, Nov 27, 2013.

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  1. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    Guys I am not clear about the google crawl. I know simply "typically for web indexing purpose web crawler systematically browse the WWW (World Wide Web)". But I want to know details. Please help me by providing more info about crawl. Will be appreciate!!
  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

  3. Hdsded

    Hdsded Junior Member

    Its not a one page topic to learn about the Google crawler. Its needs special intentions to learn. I can told you in details but as I told you its not a easy task to learn. So, I can't type approx 1000's words here. Please PM me your email so that I can send you .pdf book.
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  4. nooriya

    nooriya New Member

    Crawling is the process of fetching all the web pages linked to a web site. This task is performed by a software, called a crawler.Crawls are based on many factors such as PageRank, links to a page,and crawling constraints such as the number of parameters in a URL...
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