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What is easier, drawing then scanning or straight digital drawing?

What seems to be better?

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Hi everyone, new to the game. In your opinion what seems to be the best process, drawing/designing by hand and then having that image scanned for editing, or, using some sort of software or tablet and drawing/designing straight to the computer for editing?



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There isn't really a 'yes or no' answer to this, it depends on a lot of things, like what you are drawing, how good your drawing skills are,
and what you are using to do it.

I'm a bit old school, and I prefer to draw by hand still most of the time and then scan in, but I would like to upgrade to a Cintiq from
my old Intuos and do a lot more digital painting/drawing.


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Like Wardy says really and what works best for you.

I also use pencil and paper but I'm looking forward to trying a Cintiq out.
I work in vectors so when I do scan something in I tend to use it as a guide and work over it.
I most often just take a pic of it on my phone for speed.


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Most of the time it all comes down to what you are drawing. Some really simple things can just be done straight to the computer. But anything with any real detail it's usually best / easier to draw by hand first and then go over on computer using your tablet etc.


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I've recently had a Cintiq which are pretty amazing but I've found myself going back to paper (layout pad) and pencil.

For sketching I don't think the Cintiq comes close.
Maybe it's the resistance of the friction of a pencil on paper and how controllable a pencil is over the tablet?
I also find I can sketch anywhere but with the tablet I'm tied to the desk plus there are WAY too many cables.

I'm not quite sure what it is but the Cintiq is back in its box for the time being. ;)