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What goes under what heading


Senior Member
Hi all,

Im doing my new site and on my portfolio page I have 4 headings.

Website design
Print design
Branding / identity design

My question is ... Do things like business cards/letterheads/comp slips come under print or branding? Im thinking branding but I wanted to check first.

Cheers Tom.


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You could do either I guess Tom, personally I would probably go with identity too, so then you would have the logo design together with the stationery set to show the complete identity. Unless you're running low on print projects, in which case you could split them up?


Staff member
and this is why I don't have or intend to have any stead fast 'heading's to my gallery section. Most design trends overlap, even my cad renderings overlap with graphic, video and print depending on how they're used. It's even greyer when you look at the more normal side of graphic design.

You could combine print/brand/identity into graphic design and print or something similar


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The other option, as Levi nearly mentioned, would be to go with the breakdown per client, which looks great when you have a client that you provide a range of services for, but can be pretty weak if you've just done a few small bits & pieces.


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I did have it by client on my last site but it looked abit pants as there wasnt much on there so thats why ive gone for the sections this time.

anything logo/ stationery related is going together under the branding/identity section i think.

cheers guys
For me its pretty obvious.

Print design - All printed documents - brochures, stationery, posters etc
Identities (Branding / identity design) - all identities.

In my eyes stationery shouldnt really go in your branding/identity as you might give the impression you created the identity on a piece of print work when in fact you may have only desig ed the stationery.

Then again its your work, your site, your rules.