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What do you think??



Just done this logo design and business card design for my uncle in India please give your opinions on what I can improve

Business Card Design -


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It's not bad Mohammed. It's very web 2.0 and that doesn't work with print for me. Keep it Simple. Remove the glossy affects I think.

Not much else wrong with it though.


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not really, it goes through CMYK it mushes up the colours. Put the white sweepy thing underneath the text and it wont be so bad.


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As above, it's not a design that would work for print at all, especially on something small like a business card.

Not bad if you were using it as a web graphic though.


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again with the effects, as I said on your site review, try doing something without them, theres far too many on this card. Less is more.

whats the bottom big whatever it is, the > isn't very good at explaining it like the mobile and @ symbol.

As a rule you wouldn't stick your advert on someone else's business card.


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just to add further to what Levi said, If you get your cards printed, and your uncle hands them out, if he is asked who designed the cards you will have a referral that way, having created by mohart means nothing to me.

Keep at it tho dont give up. peace


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Im not commenting of design as I might as well copy and paste but from a technical point of view some of your text is too close to the edges and in danger of being chopeed off once printed and guiloutened.

The m in the name looks a bit close to me and the "created by" bit. The general rule with print is keep text 10mm from the edges depending on what your printing. Generally with business cards stick to a 5mm minimum


they also require crop marks if there is bleed... but then again I would change most of the design to avoid looking like it was ripped from an Apple website.. definitely remove the light effect.. :)


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It will turn into a dogs dinner when printed.
Most business cards stock is 350/400 gsm silk or matt. This stock will dull the colours naturally and the weight will absorb the ink. It will turn out nothing like your image. Converting the image from RGB to CMYK for print will make it weaker as well. The bevelled tones will not reproduce because of the detail unless your printing on a Heidelberg SM102 10C or something of that quality.
All in all it's a design that is not reproduction friendly in artwork terms. Also you'll need crop marks on the artwork for bleed. I'm not a great lover of the design, and putting a credit of 'Mohart' on a business card is a a bit self indulgent. It is after all a business card for him and not and advert for you. I've never seen a credit on a business card before.


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Experience means being old and making a bucket-load of mistakes along the way, and when it involves artwork it can be very costly if you don't spec it right for the right printer. I did actually work my way up from the bottom via Junior to Finished Artist, Studio Manager, Visualiser, Art Director, Creative Director, Managing Director. When you make mistakes, as is enevitable in this business, you don't forget them.