what do you think makes something creative?


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so ive decided to delve deep into the history and development of the creative industry and to start i have been thinking about what defines creative work.
a quote i found that i think is great is from Paul Hirsch - “businesses that produce goods and services carrying greater symbolic than material worth”

what would you say makes a item of work a creative thing?
anything that you think of i'd love to hear about!


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I think you first need to define what you mean by creative.

For example the 165,000 year old decorative items found in Spain could be regarded among the earliest creative items. Or maybe our ancestors painting themselves in woad, or a tribal dance from prehistory.

Was the first box a creative object? Maybe the first bridge or stepping stones? Are houses and other building creative works? If ancient man platted their hair would this be a creative work? I've doodled on my notebox this morning, is that creative work?