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What are Employers Looking For?


I've been in the design industry for 9 months, making a pretty drastic career change coming from hospitality managemant. I've been working in a design studio on a freelance basis where I've been lucky enough to use the spare computer with the full CS5 package on it.

I feel I've now got to a stage where I could be employed as a junior somewhere but don't know what potential employers would be looking for. I don't have a degree but spent two years at art college. Would this be held against me if I don't have a degree?

Since joining the design studio I've been involved a a variety of projects from vehicle wrapping to designing websites. I've put a variety of things in my online portfolio what I've done but should I be more specific in an area like web design for example?

Feedback on my portfolio would be great even if it's negative as its a good way of learning what I should be including.

Degree, meh doesn't mean too much. It might get your foot in the door, but in reality it's all about your portfolio.

I've got a degree and TBH it hasn't aided me that much in the real world - it was far too much like fine art for my liking (despite being a Graphic Design course).

Main bit of advice... get rid of the desk (sorry!). It's been done to death and will do the opposite if you want to stand out...IMO. I would try to get some actual photograph of your print stuff, as that can really show off your work if done right.