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What am I doing wrong (mootools)


Staff member
Right I'm now finally getting round to doing my updates on my site (still early stages, ie no w3c etc, keywords, titles etc, but the basic design is sorted).

I'm intending to use mootools (for this lightbox with some customisations) and so I thought I'd try and be clever and use a (supposedly mootools friendly) css class rollover from this site (in basic.css - the main css file) to make my code look neater and simplify a couple of things later on.

This is where my troubles start as although I think I'm doing it right (from my limited understanding) it doesn't seem to want to work right :mad:
So I have a feeling I've missed a very simple line of code which would activate it so to speak.

The menu (only 'gallery' at present) should rollover to an underlined title but it isn't doing as I wanted :mad:

Link to temp site is this (the other pages are not fully functioning) and I've attached the basic.css as a text file.

Site arrangement -
css files are in /css
mootools/milkbox scripts are in /js

Any help would be much appreciated as this is pushing my knowledge a little :sad:

PS. I'm using golive as I really don't like dreamweavers interface for some reason although I should force myself back into at some point.