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Weird problem with competition form

Hi, our website has a competition page and amazingly it has recieved in 1 month 6,800 entrees but google analytics is showing the website was only hit 1,500 or so times, which is our usual response for monthly competitions.

Having looked through the data it all looks cosher and there isn't any of the usual russian stuff or spam.

My question is why is google analytics reporting a lower page view than the form submissions I actually got - and does this mean that somebody is spamming the competition with realistic data and somehow bypassing something so GA doesnt pick up on it?

Cheers, I look forward to your thoughts/ideas


Google Analytics can mistake 2 people off the same network as 1 .. as they will essentially have the same IP address... so it might be that being the reason for the incorrect number of views.


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users with js disabled obvo won't show up but that's normally web developers or large corporates and that difference seems far too high to be the case...


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Have you set up a goal on the competition submission success page/message ( if you have one) if so you can use the data there to cross reference your visitors, id suggest without knowing more, taking a look at say the email addresses (if you captured that info) used by the individuals to assess the validity of the email addresses, if they seem rather random or made up then its likely that your competition has been spammed.

Do you employ any kind of security on form submission in your competition page?

Im not great at math but based upon those numbers each visitor would have had to entered the competition 4.5 times.