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Weddings @ Eastnor Castle

I think it's an okay effort but there are a few elements of that design I'm not that keen on:

The Logo:
I don't like the way that the leaf is interfering with the letter E. It's too close and encroaches the space. The foliage needs to be weave around the text much better not just placed in front of the letters.

The Doors:
I think the front cover is very harsh for a wedding invite...Personally I would soften this in someway and think about adding the logo or some text to the front cover.

Even thought the leaflet and open doors is only for the purpose of showing how the leaflet folds open, the shadow is not correct on the doors.

Sorry to be harsh.


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Thanks for the response but the logo is Eastnor’s existing logo, it’s not a wedding invitation and there is no shadow added the doors.
Having said that you might still think that the ornate doors are somehow inappropriate for a wedding themed promo. It’s a valid point and I did consider more conventional livery such as hearts and sparkles but I opted to try and cut the cheese entirely, it’s possible that I may have overshot a little.
As I mentioned it’s not a wedding invitation but a leaflet designed to sit with the rest of the promotional bumf or available on request. As such the issue you mentioned about adding the logo to the doors was considered because there needs to be some incentive to pick up and examine the leaflet. With that in mind the version that went to print had light bleed seeping from the centre of the doors to encourage people to see what was behind them. It may well be that something to actually tie the front to weddings will need to be added further down the line.

Edit - I just realised you were talking about the logo on the top of the Behance page of which your absolutely right the foliage is a little intrusive on screen. I took it from the print version of the poster further down the page on which the foliage is far more subtle and even more so once printed.


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ok, same opinion on logo up top of page

photo's of 4 men looks like they've been photoshopped into the background, a normal 'portrait' like that would have likely had depth of field causing the background to be blurred more than it is.

not sure I like the font either but then they are a little small to tell properly

open women image - think the logo in background on right could be lighter and I know you likely didn't take the pictures but if it was me (I'm probably overly picky) I'd have wanted the woman in the middle just rotating and/or the photographer moving a little so the floor boards/window frame are horizontal

people on fence - did you put a glow on the eastnor castle text?
The bottom gradient into the 'road' doesn't work for me and neither does the 'castle' in the background the shadows just seem wrong at the top, especially as it looks like the sun is behind them


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Hi Levi same goes for what I said above about the logo, I just used it for the Behance page. The photographs you mentioned are by a pro photographer and as far as I'm aware none of them have been constructed from various elements.

I agree the floor boards will probably look better horizontally.

Never the less, I guess the fact that nobody has had anything remotely positive to say about it that maybe I shouldn't be as proud of the project as I was.

Back to the drawing board then.


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there was nothing distinctly wrong with it, they're just the things we've picked up on that we don't like. Remember we don't often say the bits we like :)


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I love Eastnor Castle, Been there a few times, most recent was the UK Fireworks Championship, the Castle made a stunning backdrop to the event.