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Wedding Seating Plan Ideas


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Hi Guys,
Some of you will know Im getting married next month, so lately Ive been busy designing invites and a whole load of other stationary. However, Ive hit a brick wall when it comes to the seating plan! Ive researched for hours looking at friends, family and other examples on the net but everything is so "standard" and Id really love to do something that is graphically interesting as well as informative. I dont want to get too arty as I think its important that its easy to read and understand but I want to steer clear of the standard box and circle kind of A1 board most people do.

Does anyone know of any decent sites I could use for inspiration or have any cool examples you've stumbled across in the past?


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Whilst I don't like the suitcase, I do like the idea of the photos!

I've been to weddings and been seated at tables with complete strangers, photos would be awesome!
Similar to the left hand side of the suitcase, a wedding I'm designing stationery for will be having a 6 or 9 space photoframe with the table numbers and names in each window, with one of the windows showing the table plan.

Photos would be good but another thing for the bride to stress about! haha


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Thanks guys, thats a brilliant help so far, especially that link, I hadnt come across that before. Ill post some pics of the invites soon as the table plan will follow the same theme, its all hush hush, but I dont think any of our guests check DF very often!


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haha, great shout Tom, I would if it was up to me but sadly Im not the boss when it comes to wedding stationary. My client is quite specific on what she does and doesnt like! If it was up to me Id have a subbuteo set on the gift list!!!