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Wedding branding & stationery


Senior Member
Hi all,
Most of you will know I got married last December and I designed and branded the whole wedding myself (obviously!)

Some of you guys were a really great help to me throughout the design process so I wanted to share the final product with you all.

Ive found it easier to publish it to my Behance portfolio as there is so much to cover so if you are interested you can check it out here...
Amy & Dave's Wedding Branding and Stationery on the Behance Network

Thanks to all who helped out!


Junior Member
Wow, I love the pictures... congratulations, to you and forumers who helped designing the wedding's graphs. That must have been a lot of work.


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Thanks guys, it was definitely a labour of love. As we all know, the hardest projects are always the ones you do for yourself, but this was twice as hard as I had to make sure my wife was happy with it too! We must have gone through about 50 revisions! Really pleased with how it turned out in the end though so thanks to all those who gave advice at the time.


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Thanks Sunburn / Ken, Im really proud of it all. And yeah Ken, the cinema was like the cherry on the cake, so much fun!!!
Awesome work throughout the whole thing there, Dave. Really like it and clearly you and your wife did too which is all that matters!

Top stuff.
Wow, that's really amazing. I did some wedding stationery as a wedding present for a friend a year or so ago. It was really simple, nowhere near as detailed as yours, and I still spent ages on it so I really appreciate how much work you put in. Well worth it though.



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Thanks Dewardp/Zoe, my wife came up with a lot of the ideas really, I just did the mac work. ive done wedding invites for others in the past but theres definitely something different about doing your own. I loved it though, it was such a fun process Id recommend it to anyone!