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Website updates...but something is not quite right

Hi all

Can't remember the last time I was here! Been busy with academia and have just returned to pay some much needed attention to my website. Hence this new thread!

I've just updated my site (www.sadiqajabbar.com), no major design changes but subtle differences to the initial setup. I want to keep it simple and direct without the frills - much like my personality haha! However it needs to be punchy and attract more users and potential clients/employers, and I don't think the 'me' is coming through yet. The quality of work/content obviously is the first thing I reckon may need improving - I've been away from design for a year so need to update myself on a number of things/software etc.

What would you suggest? How easy is it to use in terms of links and getting around the pages? How appealing (or not) is the appearance? What makes you want to stay or leave the site/pages? How clear, simple and direct is it (or not)?

Please note that the main function of the site at the moment is to convey my portfolio of architectural and design work with the hope of obtaining clients and employment (in an architectural practice to complete my part 3 qualification).

In terms of logos - I've decided to use my name as the logo as it were rather than create a graphic.

Looking forward to your constructive critiques!

Kind regards


PS: Last time I was hoping to learn some HTML - I've got the awesome book suggested and will be beginning the actual learning shortly. So the website at the moment has the cringe-worthy Moonfruit footer (can't wait till the day I can get rid of it!)
Hey Sadiqa, welcome back!

I think you're websites great, easy to navigate around and the little personal statement on the home page is really nice, quick and informational.
I think I know what you mean about lacking a little in personality though, I don't really no a great deal about architectural design websites so I don't know how valuable this advice will be. Just a general feeling of it's a little bit cold. I really like your name/logo is their any particular reason you chose blue... just against the white background and black text I dunno seems a little bland.
Thats all I can really fault on though, I generally think its a really nice and clean design. Also your work I'm sure speaks for itself so there is no worries there.

Hope that helps a little,
Hey Harri

Thanks for that. Hmm I see what you mean by the black text, white background...rather like looking at a book lol! Some of the text only page need more invigoration. Either through colour or images...

Blue was a personal choice, a colour that I like plus to me it represents clarity, peace, calmness, hope and fluidity. In terms of architecture I could have also gone for something natural and earthy like shades of green or browns to represent my interest in natural materials and organic or grassroots approach - something I am actually considering for my blog pages (still working on my first independent blog!).

Thanks :)