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Website Review

Evening people.

Could anyone spare a moment to voice their opinions on a potential site design ive been meaning to launch for, well, years to be honest. Had this domain brewing in the background for years and just getting round to doing something with it. What dya reckon. Any feedback gratefully received.





Staff member
first thing that strike me is that any 'visual content' that will fill you in seconds is probably too far down the page, it's half chopped off on my 20" display.

You've got text but as the saying goes a picture says a thousand words.

If it was me I'd look at adding something into the page just to make it more obvious what you do without needing to read the whole text if you get what I mean
Cheers Levi. Im looking into this now, I did purposefully design it with no 'headre image' with big statement etc but now realise its not working in its current layout. Will address it. V2 upcoming shortly :)
I agree Greg, now I just need to get the time to do it haha. Darn clients. Always taking up my time!

Thnaks for taking the time fella...