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Website Review



After looking at your 4 websites quickly I'd say that they generally appear outdated/amateurish. To your credit there are a few elements that hint towards modern design but it's not enough. Don't take this personally, I'm just telling you straight, but I can see areas of your designs that do work well, so there's definitely hope!

What you need to do is learn about web design. Through the internet would seem to be your best option for a person in your situation. It's free, you can do it when you want and you don't have to commit to long periods of time in which you're unavailable.

What you also need to do is learn how to use Google. There are very, very few questions that Google can't help you with in some way. Since the popularisation of blogs, information has been very easy to collect as they often scour the web to find the best bits for you - that includes both textual information and resources such as photoshop textures, fonts etc.

You seem to have a decent concept of working with grids and a lot of your icons look good too. You should look for website design tutorials and combine that with reading articles on colour theory, logo design and introducing margins to your website grids ;) Some of your sites content feels very squashed together.
Likewise to Squiddy I think that the designs are a bit out dated. However, I don't doubt your technical skill to make more appealing up to date designs.

Watch this video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3meSOXY9uGA]Website Design Tips: The Standard Website Layout - YouTube[/ame]

It helped me a lot, as did a lot of his other videos. Definetlely a channel worth subscribing too!


Junior Member
Videos embeded within forums, love it lol Thank you great video. and thank you both for letting me know what you thought of my sites.

Squiddy is it possible you could explain further what you meant by "introducing margins to your website grids"


All I meant was that when you are devising your page layouts, you need to apply larger margins, space, between sections of content. Otherwise you're left with a site that feels like there's too much content for the space available and detracts from the design.