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website review?


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Hi y'all, i just finshed setting up two websites for my client.i designed one and the other is an e-commerce pre-designed site . I am basically tracking them with google analytics just to see the traffic level.
I would appreciate if you guys can just visit the sites and give me a feedback
It is a very simple website and it is a web services based one also (domains & hosting)
Below are the links. Thanks



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Unfortunately both are incredibly poorly built. Tables, poor code, frames, no SEO benefits to either. I'm really sorry to say there's nothing good about either :(

EDIT: The sad smiley actually looks angry. It's not meant to be angry.


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I'm afraid to say i agree with Harry, the websites are poorly made and have no appeal to them, if i was a potential customer i would of clicked off the site within seconds. I'm also pretty sure i wouldn't like to buy anything off the site either as it doesn't look very trusting.


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Hey there,

I think both of these sites really need to go back to the drawing board and really re-thought through, the typical end user is becoming more and more net savy and work of this quality just simply doesn't cut it any more. so 95!

If you new to the game, feel free to post on these boards for help and support and im sure the lads will be more than willing to guide you in the right direction.


me 2 u


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Because most people keep it private so no-one goes around under cutting them etc, it also depends on hourly rate and how long the job takes, every job is different.


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Because pricing web design services like most services is dependant upon the project and the client.

If some one came to me and said how much would a one page site cost to build and develop, just to contain some text I could easily say £100, however if that one page consists of several volumes on the history of the world which has to formatted styled and rendered in a professional manner, but still is only one page, you can see that the £100 quotaion was a massive under-estimation of the work involved.

Remember that pricing is based on the amount of time required by the individual, amount of work to do, the time scales to be done in, the technical level to be achieve plus a plethora of other variables. Every project is different and requires it unique treatment. therefore its unique price / estimate


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h_freezy said:
if you read d original thread.....i said it is a very simple and basic site.sorry if i disappointed y'all
These are the most complicated sites I have ever seen.

And they behave weirdly too. When I click the nav on the first one, the page fades out and it goes all spazzy. Not sure whats up with that!