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Website redesign needed


Junior Member
We are a small company that design and create wedding invitations. Our current website www.vintage-invitations.co.uk needs redoing so we are looking for a suitable designer. We need something that stands out and is quite design heavy. The current site is written in PHP with a MySQL backend but I am able to handle the integration so these skills are not imperative.

Please send us any examples of your work that you think would be suitable and a rough cost for the project. This can obviously be negotiated after full details of the spec are discussed.




Active Member
Why not post the full spec here, along with the details and the budget so that you get the best possible response from the community?

We have designers at all levels of experience and skill, rather than wasting their time, in finding out if they are the level you require, provide everyone on here the info they need to decide if they want to get involved.



Junior Member
The spec is to basically keep the same functionality as the current site (which is included in the previous post) but to redesign the appearence of it. There are no more than 10 pages that would need doing as the majority of it is database driven.

We have no fixed budget but for the right designer we are willing to pay the right price. I am guessing around the £1K mark as a rough figure and depending if they do the php/mysql or it is left for me to do. However, we are more interested in someone that can make the site look great than the core functionality of it. As an example we like the Avalon Rose Design Web Site Design and Digital Vintage Graphics designs. We would like to work with someone in the UK though.

This should also lead to doing print work and potential for further expansion of the site.

If there are more questions let me know.