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Website rebuild ready for feedback!


Senior Member
Personally I think there should be consistency in the top content of the home page, or at least a logo or graphics that is familiar every time someone checks (at the moment, from what I understand, they are variables, like the artist of the month).

I think the lower section of the site should be minimal and moved else were (ex: the submit area could easily be a page of its own at the top.

I didn't properly understand what the site was about until i clicked on the about page. Maybe making it more obvious from the start? Like a slogan 'A site to search, submit and promote electronic music' or something like that. Again, maybe in a new graphic banner?


Put the search box in the top right opposite the logo area. Remove the rounded corner as it is a rogue design element and does not fit with the rest of the site. Fix the edges of your content as they don't line up horizontally. You could also improve the sites aesthetics by adding some content dividers between 3 links with descriptions on the left.

As for colour, you should really stick to a theme, the blue looks out of place to me.

Ben is also right in what he says about the logo - it looks more like a content title to me.