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Website re-develop

Hello Chaps,
I've got here a project that some of you may find interesting.

Company: Trueform Engineering
Current site: Trueform. Providing industry leading environmental protection, signage and display systems to bus and rail passenger transport

Current situation:
This site was created many years ago (before I started working for this people) and it's in shambles. It has been coded in a pretty old version of ASP and has a bespoke CMS system that offers very little (restricted functionality and usability).
We need to re-develop this into a search engine friendly, easy to update and internet secure (the site was hacked 4 times already with SQL injections) website.

Server/backend technology:
I would rather go for LAMP as we have a Linux server in place already, but open to other options.

As far as is indexable, whatever you want to work with.

Required CMS functionality:
Creating, deleting or updating news, products and services, and rearrenging them in any given order.
- A typical product page will have text (html), images/flash content, pdfs and links.
- News and services pages are about the same but usally have only one or two pics.

If in doubt you can refer to the site to know what will you usually find in each section, the amount of pages and complexity of the site's structure. You can also email me if you need any extra info to quote.

Please quote only if you have the relevant experience and you know that you are capable of developing a site like this.

You can PM me through here, or email me to mike (at) dfclstudio (dot) co (dot) uk
I wrote it like that as I think Greg mentioned that email links in posts usually call too many crawlers and internet unwanted species :p

Oh, btw, I'm London based so bear in mind that eventually you will need to pop up here for a meeting with other people in the company.

Last thing: once upon a time there was a project of re-developing the front end. The JPGs are here as I think can be helpful to give you guys an idea of what we would like to achieve.




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Hi Mike,

Looks like an interesting project, just to be clear is this a project for the front-end design as well as the development? and I'm assuming the design & development would need to be tackled by one company?


P.S. Good to see someone remembers my e-mail anti-spam tip! :)
You are the boss Greg!
(and certainly I do NOT need more spam).

Technically what we need is the development, but as the front end will have to be re-coded, I think that many studios will prefer to do a bit of both.

We can supply any design elements needed, or just guidelines.
We have neatly labelled PSDs for the design above and it has been pre-aproved, but any new input is welcome -although I cannot guarantee that the management will take it.



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Cool, thanks for clarification Mike, that makes sense, I'll PM a couple of developers I know on the forums who may be interested in quoting for this.

Hi Mike,

I could provide all your development needs. i.e. A bespoke content management system written in PHP/mySQL which could be hosted on your LAMP no probs at all. As well as code the front end cleanly, with complete SEO in mind (inc dynamic sitemap, proper product URLs using mod_rewrite etc).

When do you need the project to start?
When do you need this done by?
Is it a requirement to visit you in London?
Is all Design provided? (I dont do design)

I could probably provide Flash scripts also if needed. i.e. the image rotation on the products page, although this would not be coded by me.

As for the quote, I would need to discuss a little further before being able to provide one.

If you need any references, examples of work etc before discussing any further with me just let me know.

- The project will start in about 2 weeks once it's defined who will do it.
- I would expect 8-10 weeks, but we can discuss it. It cannot be 4-5 months, sorry.
- You don't need to come to London, but it will certainly increase your chances, as this is an open call and I'm sure that some of the people at Trueform will like to know who will they work with.
- All design can be provided, normally as labelled PSD files. or any other graphic format required.

I will love to see examples of your work and know your hourly rate. If you prefer not to disclose it publicly, please email me or PM me.



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Hi Mike,

Just to add, I've worked with Darren in the past on a personal project and can highly recommend his work based on that. I know we have some very talented developers on DF, so I'm sure if any of the well known members from DF are selected they would do a great job.

Keep us posted on how this goes :)