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Website name


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It really depends on the title. Shorter is safer. However if a site was "designforumsonline. com"
(18 letters) it wouldnt cause too many issues


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well mines 16 letters (+ www. and co.uk) but its easy to remember as it's my company name :)

Your farm name is say (don't say your name if you don't have the domain) my decent pork farm which is familiar to any customers and it's also descriptive. It's easy for a customer to remember and in the same way having a domain name such as mydecentporkfarm.co.uk would be easy to remember and type, however if you had the name mdporkfarm,co.uk people wouldn't necessarily remember that.
Good point! I am wanting to use the name of our farm but it is a bit long winded, if I precised it would it affect search engine finding the site?


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yeah I look at it this way - the length of names isn't so much of an issue now, if it's found in a search engine you click on a link, if its a really good site people will usually bookmark it, if it's a typed in address the easier to remember the better (ie business name).
Yeah i must totally agree with Levi. I have been to websites in the past, and not been able to remember what it was after a while as the address never resembled what the site was about.

I never bookmarked it, as.. i totally forgot.
So yeah, so with the business name, it's easy enough to remember then :D


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this might be a mute point now but all ways do the radio test.

Imagine ur being interviewed on the radio n they say cool whats your website address again?
You say www dot some dried figs n red cabbage on toast with grapes dot co dot uk.

Ebay dot com
Amazon dot com
Facebook dot com
Twitter dot com
Bbc dot com
Google dot com
Bing dot com, been on the radio a lot recently.

That said if its your business name it should be that anyway as thats what ppl will search for.

I personally would remove the www dot before it goes live as its not needed these days and just adds more time saying the name.

This is normally where i pull some statistic out but cant think of any off the top of my head but i would imagine users recall will go up if its not present, or u dont mention it, some useability studies do back something similar with repeated link text and clickability but i personally would leave it off. : )
Yeah, alot of the time aswell, is they tend to just punch your name into the web address bar with .com or .co.uk at the end.

I know this is the same with my dad, as.. he's not so good at computers. Infact none of my fam. are, so that doesn't run through the family :p.

Anyway back on point, say my dad saw something advertised called Car Factory. He will straight away get on the computer and type in, carfactory.com or carfactory.co.uk before coming to me and saying, (if he can't find it) look to see if this has a website.. he never thinks to google ¬¬.
Yeah, i also think bing is getting better, just a habbit of using google these days since i have used it ever since i got my first computer when i was like 11-12.

Only like 16 4th Feb but still a long time using google :p


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Well the soon to be registered domain I have in mind has 13 characters and is a rather easy to remember name because it's plain English. Will be buying it soon and ask for your guys' opinion later. It's a more or less generic domain so if I decide not to use it I'm sure I could sell it if I have to.

Not sure if this is helpful to you but I figured it was on topic anyway :p