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Hi guys, anyone got any decent web hosts that they use to resell space to their clients? I'm currently with Nemo Designs, they have taken 2 and a half days to sort out an issue in WHM that is stopping me from creating a new account. Their support has been horrendous, telling me I'll get called back asap, only to wait a day with no contact. Telling me it's solved when it isn't. Asking me to explain the problem all over again, every single time I have phoned up - as if they are completely unaware of the issue. "Everyone" being away at a meeting and there is nothing that can be done.
It's the same story every time, they don't answer any of your questions through support. Their ticket system is terribly managed and takes ages to use. Some times they don't even answer their phone.
Anyone have a reseller account with a web hosting company that doesn't have crap support?
Hi Sean,
I own a dedicated server and actually host a few folk on this forum. Hit me up mate, can do you a discounted deal because you are on the forums.
Really looking to grow this side of my business as I am now running my own company as of next week.
Support will come direct from me, and I am currently integrating live chat to my website
EDIT: Also happy to help on your current issue if you need it


Thanks mate, all seems good. Don't suppose you've got any experience getting money back from web hosting reseller companies? I only signed up again about a month and a half ago, but this latest incident has really just tipped my decision to find someone else. They keep apologising and and I keep thinking things will improve but clearly they aren't. I feel like a victim of domestic abuse, lol. If not, no worries, I'll think of something.


Staff member
For the refund you could try the unsatisfied with service/breach of contract approach. It's not like they're fulfilling their side of the contract after all. At the very least you could try for a 'reduction' in the cost...
If it was me I'd ring them and say you're not happy, you've just signed up etc and due to their 'inability to fix the above situations' that you think you would be better elsewhere, you're running a business and this is costing me clients.
Mind you I've just read their t&c's (seriously they need to sort out that page, it's just a block of text, basically so no one reads it) and you're pretty much screwed if it can be held up in court.....it doesn't allow any 'cancellations' once the service is active etc... also doesn't appear to be any mention of their 'service to you'


Thanks Levi. They did offer me half price hosting for this year already, so I kind of feel like there isn't much left to be had from this situation. Although they did offer without me asking.
You should have seen their site before this month... 404's everywhere. It took me about a week of emails to get them to provide me with some details on their hosting - so that I can give more details to clients other than "It's good hosting, 99.99% uptime....!" : / I gave up in the end. Again, I thought that would be a relatively simple task, to provide information about the services that your company is providing.... especially if it's to resellers.
I'll just have to ride it out I guess.
Hi Squiddy,
We offer reseller hosting with cPanel/WHM, specialising in hosting CMS/eCom sites, usually via reseller contracts. There's an overview of solutions for designers here: http://www.terranetwork.net/web-hosting-for-designers-developers.php
Best way to test is with our 30 day money back gurantee, you're free to test run a reseller account without any commitment.
Hope you can sort your current problems, and if you have any questions, or also if you need any generic help with cPanel/WHM and reseller accounts which your current host can't answer, let me know.
All the best, Edith

Tony Hardy

I hate terrible webhosts. I love Vidahost and have used it for the last year or two!