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Website Files Lost Due to Company Liquidation

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes...

Just had a phone call from a guy who has a few websites hosted with a company who have just gone into liquidation. He's used them for his web stuff for 5 years so you'd have thought they'd be reliable. They've turned their servers off without informing him, so all his sites are down.

I told this guy that he needs to try and get in touch with them so they can send him the files for his sites so that we can then upload them to my server. However this company has just disappeared off the planet and aren't answering calls.

So I'm trying to help this chap out, but without the files for his site hes in the s**t right? What would you recommend that he does?


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he should have backed it up in the first place. I can't believe he doesn't have any copy somewhere.
that's a shame..........not the company's fault.:p
Yeah I guess, but still, if I was the client I'd be annoyed that they didn't let me know they were going under and inform me that I'd need to get a copy of the site. Your average client probably doesn't understand about taking back-ups, they expect everything to be handled by the company that built the sites.

So I guess there isn't really anything he can do?


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He needs to find out what host they used.

The hosting company will likely have backups and be simpathetic to your guy especially if he decides to take up an account with them personally to maintain his site.

perhaps if he has any ftp details etc they may have an ip address which could lead to who the host is. Or perhaps you can find out the email nameservers and find the host that way...


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Have I missunderstood, was he using a host directly or an agency who in turn would have used a host somewhere?
tbwcf said:
Have I missunderstood, was he using a host directly or an agency who in turn would have used a host somewhere?
He used an agency who in turn would have used a host. The agency went into liquidation, and not the host (as far as I know).

I did think about trying to get in touch with the hosting company, but wasn't sure if there would be a way to do this...?

I'll ask the guy if he was given any details what so ever regarding the hosting of his websites.


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Hi Will,

If you PM me the domain name I'll do some searches on the WHOIS/IP address for the domain name both now and previously and try & track down the hosting company for you to contact.