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harsh mode on: are you just out of school or something as seriously that's worse than some clip art I've seen...

Being able to use design software does not mean a) you should offer your skills to others and b) that you can actually design stuff

harsh mode off: sorry but that's not very good and to be honest I think you would benefit from additional training.

oh and by the way you're actually lying on your seo page as none of the ones I looked at were top of the list....
Interesting. I feel like ive just bounced back to the 1980s when I used to lay on my ZX Spectrum. I was going to try and avoid any harsh comments as I feel its unfair on people just starting out, but if you are laying yourself up with a 'design' website offering 'design' services Im afraid you are asking for honest opinions.

I suggest studying design for at least 3-4 years, then study typography, logo design, page layout, coding and colours last of all. After all that you may stand a fighting chance of competing with the many people out there. But personally, there are so many fundamental issues here that I wonder if its worth it. Never mind the SEO page. Its quite shocking, and fundamentally wrong.

Have a look through behance, dribble, stumbleupon and see the kind of standards people expect and are able to build.

But please, a word of advice, DO NOT sell yourself as a designer. Its an insult to design as a whole and part of the problem why so many clients out there dont value good design as there are so many people who but a design package, set up a website and call themselves designers.

There. Sorry fella. I hate being rough like that but sometimes its necessary and I hope ive been fair and not personal. Go back to design school now but you will need one hell of a portfolio to get through the door and if you use clipart.... well..... Enough said.


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Hey TG.

Unfortunately the guys above are right in what they say. However all is not lost.

Design obviously requires a natural ability, someone who has an imagination and often thinks pictorially is a great start. However that said, I'm sure 90% of top designers out there started with designs they'd be a little ashamed to put on show now. I know for me what I produce now is totally different to what I put out when I first started.

If you're passionate about this industry and have a real hunger to learn and improve, you can do it. You have a long, long way to go, as the fundamentals are just not there at the moment (your images aren't even in perspective, your logo designs typography is horrible and even your logo is cut off in the top left.

My advice:
  • Take a long hard look at yourself, and ask yourself whether you really want this, and whether you believe there's something inside of you that can make a success of it, no matter how far you have to go from here.
  • Secondly, as others have said, do not promise anything you cannot fulfil. That doesn't mean you undersell yourself, but you cannot be mentioning about getting on page one on Google under SEO when you're clearly new the to web development arena.
  • Thirdly, you need to spend quality time filling up your creative tank as it were. Get inspiration from everywhere. Read up on Typography and learn about how you can utilise it, and why a serif fonts gives off one feeling, a sans-serif another and slab serif yet another. These aren't questions you will find written answers to, you'll have to learn what each font's 'character' is and the image that portrays to the user. Here's a great article from Smashing Magazine that will explain some of what I've written above - When Typography Speaks Louder Than Words | Smashing Magazine
  • Fourthly, take your website down and start again. You do not have verbana stationary as a client, that's clear for all to see. Before you start looking for any paid work you need to up your standards to that of at least an acceptable level. Again, my advice is to delve into the web, look at how good design is done already, and analyse that (picking out what's good about the design, why does it work?) I advise following Smashing Magazine, if you really want to succeed as a designer/developer they're a massive help.

Ultimately, it's whether you're passionate about making a good, honest living in the Web Design/Development arena. It's going to take a LOT of work, but if you have the passion I'm not here to tell you it can't be done.

Hope that's of some help.


It's actually a shame that people like this don't reply, because it would be great to get an insight into what led them to believe they are capable of providing a professional service.

Are these the 13 year old nephew's with Photoshop 8 that every business owner seems to know? Are they the product of a severely lacking yet common public "design/IT" courses?

There are too many people that make posts like this for it to be just some crazy, deluded person. I need to find out more!