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Website feedback

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some quick feedback on this website design. The site doesn't have all the content yet, I just wanted to get some feedback on the general design.
Also I know it is not up to the standards you expect on this site, please bare in mind it is an amateur site.
Comments appreciated.
The website is ryanpromotions.comeze.com
No, this isn't the whole website, like I said, I was just wanting feedback on the design, there are more pages which will be added, but would have the same design.


It looks old fashioned, especially with the clip art style images. I don't know why you felt the need for two identical images either!

Go and google the phrase "amazing websites" to find some cool stuff.
I agree with Squiddy, the images are not right and the whole thing looks lifeless. Are you designing the website as well as creating it? Look for some inspiration, you want people to stay on your website and enjoy the content.